Courtney is currently living in Re-Unite housing and has contact with her three girls thanks to the help of Re-Unite South Wales

Courtney was referred to Re–Unite South Wales by Eastwood Park prison. Courtney asked for the referral after attending a resettlement fayre, where she discussed her needs with us, whilst in prison.

The referral was received and visits to meet Courtney at the prison were set up.

Courtney was sentenced to 4 years in prison for actual bodily harm against a male. She served two years.

Courtney has twin girls aged 3 and a teenage daughter aged 19. She hadn’t had contact with the twins for the majority of her sentence due to the hostile relationship with her ex-partner. When Courtney was with her partner there was consistent Domestic Abuse. Their relationship had finished before Courtney went to prison.

Courtney has physical disabilities and is an ex heroin user. On her release she was using Subertecs as she was concerned she would use heroin.

Courtney had full time care of her children before sentencing. Her twins were placed with their father under the supervision of Social Services.

Before she was released Social Services were contacted. A meeting with the children’s Guardian Ad Litem took place. She was recommending to the court that the children stay with their father due to the length of time he’d had full time care of them. The school and health visitor had reported no concerns in their care.

Courtney was unhappy with this as she wanted her girls to live with her. The court date for a contact hearing was for a month after her release. This gave Courtney limited time to prove she could parent her girls on a full time basis. No assessment of her parenting capabilities were to be undertaken.

At court it was decided that Courtney would have contact for 6 hours a week. She is hoping that once she has proved during contact that she can parent appropriate she will be able to go back to court to extend the contact.

Courtney is currently living in Re-Unite housing. She is attending all appointments with probation. She is receiving care for her health from the GP. She attends a drug agency for support.

Contact has been consistent and of a good standard.

The next steps are for Courtney to explore going back to court and to move into permanent accommodation.