With the help of Changing Lives, Re-Unite North East, Hayley has kept her child, maintained her tenancy and no longer is at risk of re-offending

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Historically, Hayley had previous involvement with children’s services. There were issues when Hayley was a child around parental drinking and domestic abuse. Hayley had a difficult relationship with her biological Father and there were allegations of physical abuse.

An initial referral was made by children’s services. At the time Hayley had come out of an extremely domestically violent relationship. She had made the decision to leave her partner. Hayley had recently given birth to a baby boy and had experienced abuse all throughout her pregnancy. Hayley hoped to move away from the area she lived to safer accommodation. At the time Hayley had also avoided custody for perverting the course of justice. The arrangement was for Hayley to come to the Changing Lives project on the understanding that her address remained protected from her ex-partner. This was because he posed a significant risk to her and the child. When the initial referral was taken there were some issues around alcohol addiction. This was something children’s services felt Hayley needed support with.

Hayley came to the project on the 12 June 2014. She was provided with her own two bedroomed flat and a keyworker. Since moving into the project Hayley has made excellent progress. She has been able to maintain keywork appointments and her tenancy well. During her keywork sessions there were discussions around Hayley past, addiction and recovery, family relationships and her relationship with her ex-partner. Since Hayley came to the project there have been no concerns around re-offending. Hayley successfully engaged with her probation worker as required. There were also no issues around her problems with alcohol. Hayley felt confident that she did not need alcohol and could maintain her recovery independently. She was also attending DBT groups which looked at her emotional regulation.

At present, Hayley is ready to move on. She has shown that she is able to maintain her own tenancy and is no longer at risk of re-offending. Hayley has been applying for her own accommodation and can also access properties that the charity itself manages.