The Nelson Trust and photographer and film maker Fjona Hill have put together an inspiring short film about one woman’s journey through prison and the support that she received through the Re-Unite programme at the ISIS Women’s Centre in Gloucester


The film makes the case for finding alternatives to custodial sentences for women who haven’t committed violent crimes and it offers a message of empowerment; that women can change their lives around if they are given the appropriate support.

You need to look at the effect of Kathleen receiving a custodial sentence. She lost her family home she had two sons that were dependent on her at the time. They lost everything…

Through Re-Unite Gloucestershire we were able to get Kathleen a house and reunite the family…..It’s really important that they can become empowered and build their self esteem and just know that they are a really valued person…she really is inspirational how she’s got through everything

Watch Kathleen’s Story

It makes my heart fill with pride because I’ve stuck with it and I’ve done it for him and he’s getting there and I’m getting there. I’m so much more comfortable now. I didn’t think it was going to happen but I see him blooming in his confidence