The Re-Unite programme has been well received and so far is being rolled out across seven areas in England. Here Jane Glover, our Re-Unite Replication Officer gives the low down on her new role

jane-glover-commonweal-re-uniteThis is a great opportunity for me to introduce myself to all our current Re-Unite project partners and to any potential partners out there who might be keen to take the programme forward elsewhere.

I will be working two days per week as the Re-Unite Replication Officer. What does this mean in practice? Well, I will be your key point of contact and will be doing all I can to ensure we bring the learning and success of each Re-Unite project to the fore. It’s really important that we get our delivery partners working together to share best practice and keep the model of Re-Unite developing as it should be.

We’re seeing great results from the evaluation being carried out by the University of Cambridge and this is paving the way for further partnerships. We’re proving that a stable home environment and tailored support to mothers leaving prison can help break the cycle of reoffending and help them to maintain more stable and sustainable relationships with their children.

I’m really looking forward to playing a facilitating role and working flexibly with delivery partners to respond to local needs. I’ll also be looking to connect with the National Offender Management Service and other key umbrella bodies and charities to raise awareness of the Re-Unite project. Together we can
show how we can play a part in the Government’s bid to prevent offenders from reoffending and show how the impact of this positively trickles down to the next generation.

At the moment Re-Unite supports women exiting prison but who knows, in the future we might be able to develop the model to work with women serving community sentences and to work with those who still lack stable living conditions well after they have served their time.

I’ll be based in Leeds but I look forward to meeting all our delivery partners soon and meeting others out there that want to replicate this model across the country.