A Fresh Start for Mothers and Children

Leaving prison and reintegrating into the community is challenging. It is even harder for women after an extended period away from their children especially if they lost their family home whilst serving their sentence.

Re-Unite South London is a UK based housing project that enables mothers to be reunited with their children after serving a prison sentence. The project is a partnership between Housing for Women and Commonweal Housing.

It provides the family with stable and safe accommodation together with all the support they need. This gives the family time and space to re-establish themselves as a self-sufficient and productive family unit. The family is then ready and able to move into independent accommodation within twenty-four months of release. Currently
Re-Unite South London has properties in the boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark. Making referrals to the project is easy – various agencies can refer women such as the Prison Service, Probation, Social Services, and other support agencies. Women are also able to self-refer.

If you would like to apply to the project or wish to refer a family, please complete our questionnaire and if you are eligible to apply submit a completed application form and consent form to us for consideration.

Project Criteria

  • The woman must have a local connection to the London borough of Southwark, Greenwich, or Lewisham (and want to live there on release). If they have no connection to these boroughs then they must have previously experienced domestic violence and wish to re-locate to Southwark, Greenwich, or Lewisham.
  • The woman must have children in the care of social services or family and have a realistic hope of being re-united soon after release.
  • She must need suitable accommodation and support in order to be re-united with their children on release.
  • She must be over 18 years old.
  • She must have less than 12 months of their sentence left to serve.
  • She must have no diagnosis of severe mental health problems.
  • She must really want to change their lives.

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