Commonweal Housing Annual Review

Commonweal Housing – co-founder of the Re-Unite programme and an action-learning organisation with a mission to find solutions to social injustice through a combination of housing and support – has published its Annual Review



Working with Commonweal is a fantastic opportunity that is helping us to consider and shape possible solutions

David Wood OBE Chief Executive of Attend.


Attend are just one of the organisations Commonweal is talking to about developing potential projects seeking to deliver new housing solutions to different manifestations of social injustice.

Commonweal is a charity that is bringing resources to the table – in the form of flats and houses.  These can provide the base from which their project partners can establish new models of housing or support for a wide range of different client groups.

Each group face specific injustices and issues arising from failings or gaps in existing systems and services.  Commonweal’s aim, with project partners, is to find solutions to these issues, the capture the learning and to share that learning widely to enable others to replicate solutions that work.  However they also share the learning from what hasn’t worked as originally envisaged, to help others shape their future plans and policies.  Action learning and active sharing is what Commonweal is all about.

Click to view a copy of Commonweal’s latest Annual Review for 2012-13.  Entitled Moving On it highlights another very busy year for the charity:

  • securing its first social investment funding to expand a Peer Landlord property portfolio;
  • further replication across the country of Re-Unite;
  • positive evaluation of Chrysalis, Commonweal’s programme supporting women exiting prostitution;
  • starting a new project addressing the housing and support needs of those who are victims of a miscarriage of justice
  • as well as highlighting a number of new areas Commonweal are currently considering for possible future projects.
  • Commonweal’s financial position remains healthy thanks to the ongoing support from a principle benefactor, Grove End Housing, without whom Commonweal would not have come in to being.  Their ongoing generous support is greatly appreciated as is that from all who have supported Commonweal and its projects over the last 12 months.