Housing for Women

Housing for Women is a Housing Association based in London that has been providing safe and secure housing solutions for women and their families for over 75 years.

We have over 800 properties across the city and in these difficult times, the core of our work continues to be supporting women by providing secure, affordable housing and related services,

helping our residents to make the most of their life chances. We also provide targeted services for women who have suffered domestic violence, been trafficked or have been released from prison.

Our mission is to empower women through providing good homes and services and challenging inequalities faced by women. We continue support this project and the ethos behind it.

We are looking forward to the project expanding through the replication process and hope to work with many different organisation to help roll the initiative out across the UK.

Commonweal Housing

Commonweal Housing is a registered charity and action-learning organisation with a mission to find solutions to social injustice through a combination of housing and support services.

We work with expert partners to create prototype role-model solutions that are then rigorously evaluated by independent third parties. When proof of concept has been achieved, we work with our

partners to change public policy to eradicate the social injustices and to encourage and assist other organisations to replicate the successful models that have been developed.

Commonweal does not deliver direct activities. Instead we choose partner organisations that have an established reputation and renowned skills in helping people overcome the social injustices that

are the focus of a particular project.

As an organisation, we strive to achieve policy and operational change to secure positive and enduring benefits for those experiencing social injustice.